Quilted Hammock

Want to stay all warm and cosy? then, the Quilted Hammock is the right choice for you! It is made from two layers of polypropylene and quilted inside with polyester wadding which is recycled.

This beauty allows you plenty of time to relax and unwind and can be used both outdoors and indoors. It is extremely weatherproof.

It comes with hardwood spreader bars and zinc plated “O” rings and link-chains so that you can adjust it to any height convenient to you.

The Quilted Hammocks are currently offered in more than 20+ colours and unique patterns. We also allow customers to customise and personalise the product according to their personal taste and preference.

* Pillow is Optional.

** Stand is sold separately.

Polyester Rope Hammock

Kick back and relax in one of our most comfortable hammocks – the Polyester Rope Hammock! Wether its an after-noon nap or unwinding yourself after a long day just to read a novel, the polyester rope hammock is the one for you.

The Polyester Rope Hammocks are all 100% recycled from PET bottles, helping to make the world, less plastic free, one hammock at a time! The durable, twisted polyester fibers are solution-dyed and UV stabilized – making our Polyester Hammocks one of a kind in the market.

INCA is synonymous to Rope Hammocks in the Hammock industry – they currently have more than 10+ weaves that make this range very special to them!

The Polyester Rope Hammocks are currently available in more than 12+ colors.  We also allow our  customers to customize and personalize products. In this range, the products comes with hardwood spreader bards and zinc plated “O” rings

Basketweave Hammock

The Luxury Basketweave Hammock was designed by the Hammock Guru and our Founder – Mr Bhatt. True to its name, this hammock is nothing short of luxury. The hammock is made from Olefin strips with polyester wadding which are later inter-woven into a basketweave pattern. Hence providing a cushion effect.

The process of producing this hammock is very intricate and INCA has perfected this hammock! The fabric used for these hammocks is extremely weatherproof making it perfect for the hammock to be used indoors as well as outdoors!

These hammocks are incomplete without the hardwood spreader bars and zinc plated “O” rings and link-chains which make it easy for one to hang them.

This is available in various colours.

* Pillow is optional.

** Stand sold separately.

Brazilian Hammock

The Brazilian Hammocks offers comfort and relaxation in its purest form. These hammocks are tightly woven with high quality cotton thread to prevent colours from running. This hammock is hand-woven in the traditional wooden handlooms, the harness of this particular type is made from braided ropes. This particular hammock  wraps around you in a cocooning effect, creating ultimate comfort.

The bed of this hammock can be woven into wonderful stripes or a natural ecru as shown.

It can be stored easily and is light to carry around.


Brazilian Swing

Swing into relaxation with the Brazilian Swing! This comfortable and trendy swing is a perfect addition to your indoor/outdoor space.  Lounge in this beauty for a morning of reflection or an afternoon of unwinding!

This swing is tightly woven with high-quality colourfast cotton threads. It also features a hardwood spreader bar and zinc plated “O” rings. For a cozy resting spot, enjoy a relaxing moment in this hammock chair swing!

This swing can easily hold up to 250 pounds.