Kids Nest Swing

Why should adults have all the fun? Give your kids a fun place to unwind and relax with our Kids Nest Swing! This swing provides a lounging space for your kids to hang out in style. It features a nest-like design with a round window, one suspension point, and superior strength to keep the swing in place. It’s spacious enough to climb inside and bounce, swing, spin, or enjoy play dates with friends! It is perfect for a cozy escape, to watch videos, listen to music, nestle into a cocoon, and stimulate the imagination. The gentle swinging movement also supports a child’s sense of balance, motor planning, hyperactivity, and more. From the playroom to the backyard, this hammock swing is a fun addition to any indoor/outdoor space.

This swing is available in various colours. It can be made in Polypropylene and Organic Cotton.


Designed for kids 1 year and up.

This handmade kids tent teepee, play tent, indoor tent, wigwam, kids fort or whatever you want to call it is sure to entertain. The teepee can be used outdoor as a play tent, or indoor as a reading corner, or wherever and however you chose to use it! This teepee style is cute enough to give a decoration touch to any room. Your little ones will definitely love it!

Handmade for durability using high-quality fabric & natural wood.

Kids Padded Hammock

The Kids Padded Hammock is a very comfortable hammock for kids to relax in. It is extremely lightweight and can be set up quickly and easily without any tools whatsoever. At least this way, active parents can take a breather while their kids are swinging comfortably!

This hammock is suitable for kids of the age category between 3-9 years. Rocking in this hammock gently lulls your child to sleep, giving the child instant comfort and security, and promoting the child’s sense of balance. Further, the hammock’s snug shape helps your child to learn hand/foot coordination and, by taking the weight off child’s tummy, providing relief when he/she has trapped wind.

This hammock is made with 100% cotton fabric and it also features fun animal prints.