Suspended Sleeping Bag


The Suspended Sleeping Bag intensifies the camping effect by providing more padding as its quilted. This provides more protection from the cold and dampness.

The polyester-filled Travel Hammock surrounds the sides and bottom of your hammock with a hammock specific cut, protecting you from sudden cold snaps. This extremely light and portable for campers. Comes with a bottle holder.

The hammock comes with a pair of 3 meter braided polyester ropes and aluminium carabineers.


Product Attribute Information



Reference Number


11 Feet

12 Feet

13 Feet

14 Feet

15 Feet

Reference Number

Bed Length

250 centimeters | 98 inches

Bed Width

150 centimeters | 59 inches

Seating Width

Seating Height

Overall Height

Weight Capacity

20/40/40 HC

Overall Length

260 centimeters | 102 inches

Weight Capacity

120 kilograms | 265 pounds

20/40/40 HC