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Designed for kids 1 year and up.

This handmade kids tent teepee, play tent, indoor tent, wigwam, kids fort or whatever you want to call it is sure to entertain. The teepee can be used outdoor as a play tent, or indoor as a reading corner, or wherever and however you chose to use it! This teepee style is cute enough to give a decoration touch to any room. Your little ones will definitely love it!

Handmade for durability using high-quality fabric & natural wood.


Product Attribute Information



Reference Number


11 Feet

12 Feet

13 Feet

14 Feet

15 Feet

Reference Number

Bed Length

120 centimeters | 47 inches

Bed Width

120 centimeters | 47 inches

Seating Width

Seating Height

Overall Height

centimeters | inches

Weight Capacity

20/40/40 HC

Overall Length

Weight Capacity

20/40/40 HC


Reference Number

Stand Length

Stand Width

Stand Height

Weight Capacity

20/40/40 HC