INCA Hammock's response to COVID-19

Hammock Sleeve


The Hammock sleeve is a handy accessory for any hammock camper, the sleeve not only keeps your hammock dry when it is not in use, but also makes it easier to roll up and pack away your hammock into your bag! Keep it bunched around the suspension cord, ready to extend over the hammock when there’s a sudden spell of rains.


Product Attribute Information



Reference Number

11 Feet

12 Feet

13 Feet

14 Feet

15 Feet

Reference Number

Bed Length

420 centimeters | 165 inches

Bed Width

40 centimeters | 16 inches

Seating Width

Seating Height

Overall Height

Weight Capacity

20/40/40 HC

Overall Length

Weight Capacity

20/40/40 HC


Reference Number

Stand Length

Stand Width

Stand Height

Weight Capacity

20/40/40 HC