INCA Hammock's response to COVID-19

Cadbury Hammock


A one of a kind design, inspired from Mr. Bhatt’s fondness for sweets that he designed a hammock that looks exactly like a chocolate bar! And the Hammock is as delightful as a snack – a very superior hammock that provides a padded effect!

The hammock is made from two layers of polypropylene and has square cushions in between the fabric, filled with nonabsorbent Polyester fibre. The product can be used both indoors and outdoors making it weatherproof.

This comes with hardwood spreader bars and zinc plated rings and a harness set.


Product Attribute Information



Reference Number



11 Feet

12 Feet

13 Feet

14 Feet

15 Feet

Reference Number

Bed Length

193 centimeters | 76 inches

208 centimeters | 82 inches

Bed Width

122 centimeters | 48 inches

139 centimeters | 55 inches

Seating Width

Seating Height

Overall Height

Weight Capacity

20/40/40 HC

Overall Length

335 centimeters | 132 inches

393 centimeters | 156 inches

Weight Capacity

120 kilograms | 265 pounds

210 kilograms | 460 pounds

20/40/40 HC


250 pieces | 500 pieces | 600 pieces

Reference Number

Stand Length

Stand Width

Stand Height

Weight Capacity

20/40/40 HC


The Cadbury Hammock is indigenous to INCA, designed first in the industry. This hammock is made with individual poly-filled pillows between two layers of Olefin. These pillows can be


INCA’s fast drying, outdoor material is resistant to mould, mildew and UV-damage. Plus it’s machine washable, so you can rest easy. Our unique, weather-resistant material was specially

Suspension cords

Using more suspension ropes gives the INCA’s products a larger surface area to lie on. The weight is being distributed better along the ropes which results in optimal relaxing comfort.